The Role of Drones in Construction Photo Documentation

The Role of Drones in Construction Photo Documentation

There’s an old adage in the construction industry that says poorly-planned projects take three times longer than estimated, while well-planned projects take twice as long. Anyone who’s ever been involved in a construction project knows there’s a fair amount of truth to that statement, as the expectation for delays in the industry has become the rule rather than the exception. At CR Edge, we’re looking to change the construction industry’s reputation for inefficiency by providing project management tools like Dallas construction photo documentation to keep your project on schedule. One of the best ways to capture these essential images is with drones. Read on to learn more about the role drones play in Dallas construction management for your project.

How We Use Drones in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Drones have revolutionized the Dallas construction management process by allowing companies and project managers to view aerial and close-up footage of a project’s progress so that all parties remain informed in real-time. When you choose CR Edge drones to implement Dallas construction photo documentation, you can expect high-quality images and video at any stage of your project’s development. We use top-of-the-line drone technology that maps your site’s terrain in addition to capturing construction photo and video documentation. In keeping with our commitment to help your project remain on schedule, you can expect a 24-hour turnaround time before receiving the footage through a link you can access anytime, anywhere. From there, that construction video documentation can be used for AutoCAD input and mapping, or to simply showcase the scope and progress of your project’s execution.

Benefits of Dallas Construction Drone Services with CR Edge

Using drones as a part of your project’s Dallas construction management yields a number of invaluable benefits. For example, our Dallas construction drone services:

  • Allow decisions and updates to be communicated with anyone invested in your jobsite’s growth and eventual completion. 
  • Streamline the building process
  • Expedite planning, permitting, and data collection. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with construction management software like ProCore and Bluebeam.
  • Better manages your project’s development so it can remain on schedule. 

Never before has it been easier to manage your project than with Dallas construction photo documentation captured by our state-of-the-art drone technology.

CR Edge: Quality You Can Count On

When you need Dallas construction management tools like Dallas construction photo documentation or Dallas virtual walkthroughs, count on our cutting edge technology. I you want to see why so many choose our black-owned photo documentation company to provide high-quality Dallas construction photo documentation services, call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you and giving you a chance to see our edge. 

Using 3D Tours to Manage Construction Project Completion

Using 3D Tours to Manage Construction Project Completion

Every construction project becomes more hectic as its completion date approaches. There are always details that need to be ironed out and new tasks that seem to pop out of nowhere that need to be done. This is further complicated because the Dallas construction management of any project needs to have the oversight and approval of multiple stakeholders, from investors who want to track progress, to the construction workforce checking their work, and even the multiple suppliers and contractors that need to see that their part of the project was done correctly. Finding a time and place where all these parties can meet and tour a project site would be impractical and could slow down progress. This is where CR Edge’s Dallas 3D virtual tours come in. With our DFW construction photo documentation technology, you can keep everyone in the loop to allow for faster progress updates and more informed decision-making.

How to Use Dallas 3D Virtual Tours to Manage Construction Project Completion

With CR Edge’s Dallas Fort Worth 3D virtual tours, the Dallas Fort Worth construction management of your project can be simplified when these tours are shared online among stakeholders and authorized personnel. Each of these parties can keep close tabs on the work being finished on a construction site, focusing on their particular areas of responsibility or expertise. And because your DFW construction photo documentation can be accessed over the internet anytime and from anywhere, it allows for flexible time management and faster feedback and approval among everyone involved. The nature of our Dallas 3D virtual tours allows stakeholders to pause, zoom in and out, and compare before and after images of any part of the construction project at any angle they wish. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you can be confident about your project’s progress and whether or not your deadlines will be met.

How Dallas Construction Photo Documentation Delivers Results

The utility of Dallas/Fort Worth virtual tours extends beyond the needs of the stakeholders and workers on any construction project. Your Dallas construction photo documentation can play a key role in marketing your project to future tenants, buyers, and users of the finished project. It can update them about progress, or even help showcase any architectural features, special amenities, building techniques, or unique materials that you want to feature about your project.

Quality DFW Construction Photo Documentation From CR Edge

CR Edge is the leader in creating Dallas Fort Worth virtual tours for construction projects. We make it a point to deliver top-notch customer service to build solid relationships with our clients. We look forward to having our Dallas construction photo documentation technology positively impact your team, your construction site, and the lives of those on the job. Take advantage of our edge in industry innovation and turnaround time. Get in touch with us and give your construction project the CR Edge!

The Impact of 3D Virtual Tours on Construction Management

The Impact of 3D Virtual Tours on Construction Management

The speed of technological innovation has impacted nearly every aspect of how we manage construction projects today. New tools and software have revolutionized the way we obtain materials, schedule inspections, establish and maintain budgets, collaborate with others involved, and more. One of the most impactful of these groundbreaking tools is also one of the most popular services we provide: Dallas 3D virtual tools. The impact of this Dallas construction photo documentation service is considerable in that, by bringing the jobsite to you, you can manage construction from anywhere at any time. Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits our Dallas 3D virtual tools can bring to your project. 

Dallas/Fort Worth 3D Virtual Tours Explained

In order to fully understand the impact our Dallas photo documentation will have on the management of your project’s construction,  it’s helpful to understand what the service entails. A Dallas/Fort Worth virtual tour is composed of still images that are stitched together to virtually reflect the state of your jobsite in real time. We provide a link with 24-hour access to your DFW 3D virtual tour, allowing you to view your project’s progress as many times as you’d like and from any angle. This link can also be shared with stakeholders, contractors, and other involved parties to coordinate with one another and maintain productive communication throughout. 

Dallas 3D Virtual Tours’ Impact on Construction Management 

When you choose to include our construction photo documentation in the scope of your project, you’re not only choosing to invest in the future of commercial construction, but also to your time and bottom line. We use our groundbreaking technology to bring your construction project to life, you have the opportunity to ensure all parties involved can see the project progress and bring their contributions to the jobsite with precision. Before the use of Dallas 3D virtual tours, construction management was based largely on jobsite visits and carefully coordinated in-person meetings that ate into busy schedules. With the advent of our Dallas/Fort Worth construction photo documentation, this time can now be used to tackle other important aspects of the project, thereby increasing productivity for all involved.

DFW Construction Photo Documentation Is Changing the Way We Build

With more time to focus on other aspects of your business, Dallas 3D virtual tours, as well as our other Dallas photo documentation services, have sparked innovations that are forever changing the construction industry. Time is money, after all. This is why all of our services, including our drone, 4D rendering, timelapse, and virtual walkthrough tools, are designed to streamline communication and allow the time for new ideas to blossom. 

Equality of Quality with DFW Virtual Tours by CR Edge

Our black-owned photo documentation company is your source for high-quality Dallas construction photo documentation. If you want more information about the ways our Dallas Fort Worth virtual walkthroughs or any of our other cutting edge services can bring your project to life, call us to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you and giving you a chance to see our edge.

Use a Dallas Virtual Walkthrough on Your Construction Jobs

Use a Dallas Virtual Walkthrough on Your Construction Jobs

New advancements in technology have made construction projects more cost-effective and easier to manage than ever before. Our cameras and software applications allow developers, architects, and anyone with a stake in a new construction project to see their jobsite in real time from a smartphone or computer. If you’re looking for more information about our Dallas virtual walkthrough service for your construction job, keep reading to see how CR Edge can bring the jobsite to you. 

What is a Dallas Construction Virtual Walkthrough?

Our Dallas virtual tours are 3D renditions of your construction project created by state-of-the-art cameras and groundbreaking technology similar to the AI used in self-driving vehicles. These cameras allow us to bring your jobsite to life, thereby giving you a chance to view your project wherever you are. It also seamlessly integrates with most construction management software, such as Bluebeam and ProCore. 

The Dallas Virtual Walkthrough Process with CR Edge

The Dallas virtual tour process begins with a meeting to understand your construction project and its specifications, as well as review existing blueprints. Then, we create a virtual rendition of a finished build-out with our cutting edge construction video walkthrough technology. We use BIM coordination to allow for ease of installation of MEPF and structural systems, saving you time and ensuring all aspects of your project are exact and uphold the highest standards of construction. We provide you with a link to access your completed Dallas virtual walkthrough just 24 hours after completing the jobsite video capture. Your DFW virtual tour link is accessible from any computer or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits of a Dallas Virtual Walkthrough Service 

Our Dallas 3D tours are designed to save you time and money by bringing your construction project to life. This allows you to share your vision with stakeholders, contractors, and suppliers so that all involved parties can remain informed and coordinate their contributions to the jobsite with precision. What’s more, because your Dallas/Fort Worth virtual tour link can be accessed anywhere and anytime, all parties can view the project as many times as they need and from any angle. This level of transparency increases productivity on your construction job and ensures accurate execution for your finished project.

Equality of Quality with DFW Virtual Tours by CR Edge

Our black-owned photo documentation company prides itself on quality jobsite services designed to positively impact your construction project. If you want more information about our Dallas Fort Worth virtual walkthroughs or any of our other cutting edge services, call us to schedule an appointment. We are your complete solution when you need photos and videos for your construction project. We look forward to working with you and giving you a chance to see our edge.

What is a Virtual Walkthrough?

What is a Virtual Walkthrough?

With today’s greater demands on the time of executives and decision-makers, the days of daily in-person job site visits to check the progress of a construction project are a thing of the past. However, thanks to the latest cutting-edge technology, your project can be captured in 3D, brought to life, and made accessible to you no matter where you are and at any time of the day. The technology to create such job site imaging solutions is called a virtual tour, 3D tour, or Dallas construction virtual walkthrough. These are the kinds of solutions that CR Edge specializes in and excels at. We provide cutting-edge technology and the expertise to take top-quality footage of your construction project and build a full virtual tour for you within 24 hours. But what exactly are Dallas Fort Worth virtual tours and why are they so helpful?

What is a Dallas Virtual Walkthrough?

A DFW virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location with the help of sequential videos or still images. This means that videos and photographs of your job site are stitched together seamlessly so that you can take as much time as you would like to view the state of your entire construction project as many times as you need, with the freedom to move in any direction and view anything from every angle. CR Edge’s Houston and Dallas Fort Worth construction virtual walkthrough service allows clients a chance to see their projects in real-time. This lets you view your project conveniently whenever you desire, wherever you are. 

How Does a Dallas/Fort Worth Virtual Walkthrough Help a Construction Project?

A Dallas virtual tour is a powerful construction project management tool to have because it allows all the stakeholders to get on and stay on the same page regarding the status of the project and the steps that need to be taken next. Executives, contractors, suppliers, and tenants can share the virtual tour amongst themselves and coordinate their actions accordingly. This is made much easier since CR Edge’s Dallas Fort Worth virtual walkthrough technology seamlessly integrates with construction management software such as ProCore and Bluebeam.

Let CR Edge Build Dallas Virtual Tours For You

CR Edge is a black-owned construction photo documentation company that takes pride in positively impacting construction job sites and the lives of those on the job. Discover our edge in innovation, dedicated service, and turnaround time. We put great care into developing solid relationships with our local clients in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. If you’re in need of high-quality and quick-turnaround Dallas Virtual Walkthroughs or DFW 3D tours of your construction projects, our staff is eager to surpass your expectations and impact the city together. Give us a call and set an appointment today! 

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