Time Lapse Recording

As the construction industry advances toward a more technological future, the process becomes more manageable for all involved. At CR Edge, we use construction technology to help bring your jobsite to you and into the modern age. Services designed to enhance transparency and accessibility, such as timelapse recording, means better building practices and streamlined project development. Our Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth timelapse recording services showcase your construction project’s transformation and scope, from the moment you break ground until the moment the ribbon is cut. This type of construction photo capture allows you to collect data that provides needed documentation regarding materials delivery, weather patterns, and any other time-sensitive information. choosing CR Edge for Houston time lapse recording or DFW time lapse recording will give you an edge on your project’s development.

Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth Timelapse Recording Services

Timelapse technology has changed the way construction projects are completed and documented, as the cameras used for our Houston and Dallas Fort Worth timelapse recording services take thousands of pictures each day from different vantage points on your jobsite. This allows clients to view any day and time of your construction site and document important aspects of its development. Just think: you’ll never have to wonder when your subcontractors are on site, if your materials were delivered, or whether recent weather stalled production. Our Houston time lapse recording and Dallas/Fort Worth timelapse recording services can be implemented at any stage of your project using state-of-the-art construction photo capture.

The Houston and DFW Time Lapse Recording Process

Those looking for Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth timelapse recording services should consider CR Edge, as we stand behind our streamlined and user-friendly process. If you choose our Houston time lapse, weprep, install, and monitor our time lapse cameras for the needs of your project. Once these cameras are installed, we provide online access for live viewing that is accessible from any computer or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This footage can be used to track your project’s progress, document important changes to the jobsite, monitor subcontractors and deliveries, and even as marketing material.

What To Expect When Working With CR Edge

CR Edge is your complete solution when you need photos and videos for your project. Our cutting edge technology allows you to see your brick and mortar construction site virtually come to life. If you’re unsure which service will be the most useful on your jobsite, we offer a 20-minute demo so you can gain a better understanding of the following services, all of which are offered in both the Houston and Dallas Fort Worth areas:

  • Construction photo documentation 
  • 3D Tours
  • Construction drone services
  • Timelapse recording
  • BIM coordination 
  • 4D rendering
  • Photo documentation 
  • Construction video documentation

Once you decide which products will bring the most value to your construction project, we offer a 4-hour sample that will scan your current construction site and present the right solution to meet the needs of your Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth construction project. Once mobilized, we remain in close communication with you to ensure your satisfaction through quarterly quality checks and service grading. You also maintain ownership and rights to all footage obtained and documented. When you choose CR Edge, you’re choosing quality you can count on.

CR Edge: Equality of Quality

There is a real need for construction photo documentation services, and we believe every jobsite should have the tools it needs to streamline communication and the construction process. Whether you’re a developer, architect, or anyone with a stake in a new construction project, our groundbreaking technology services are designed to expedite all aspects of the construction process, from start to finish. Our turn-key photo and video documentation services include time lapse recording, virtual tours, and drones, all of which are executed through cutting-edge technology that is relatively new to the industry. We’re one of the first companies to offer these services in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas, providing needed photo documentation to a number of projects, big and small. As a black-owned construction photo documentation company, we believe in bringing equality in quality to the construction industry, so call us today and see our edge!

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CR Edge is a construction photo documentation company that serves clients in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. We are eager to impact your jobsite and those who work on the project with innovation, dedicated service, and a 24-hour turnaround time.


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