Construction drone capturing Dallas construction photo documentation on job site.

The Role of Drones in Construction Photo Documentation

There’s an old adage in the construction industry that says poorly-planned projects take three times longer than estimated, while well-planned projects take twice as long. Anyone who’s ever been involved in a construction project knows there’s a fair amount of truth to that statement, as the expectation for delays in the industry has become the rule rather than the exception. At CR Edge, we’re looking to change the construction industry’s reputation for inefficiency by providing project management tools like Dallas construction photo documentation to keep your project on schedule. One of the best ways to capture these essential images is with drones. Read on to learn more about the role drones play in Dallas construction management for your project.

How We Use Drones in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Drones have revolutionized the Dallas construction management process by allowing companies and project managers to view aerial and close-up footage of a project’s progress so that all parties remain informed in real-time. When you choose CR Edge drones to implement Dallas construction photo documentation, you can expect high-quality images and video at any stage of your project’s development. We use top-of-the-line drone technology that maps your site’s terrain in addition to capturing construction photo and video documentation. In keeping with our commitment to help your project remain on schedule, you can expect a 24-hour turnaround time before receiving the footage through a link you can access anytime, anywhere. From there, that construction video documentation can be used for AutoCAD input and mapping, or to simply showcase the scope and progress of your project’s execution.

Benefits of Dallas Construction Drone Services with CR Edge

Using drones as a part of your project’s Dallas construction management yields a number of invaluable benefits. For example, our Dallas construction drone services:

  • Allow decisions and updates to be communicated with anyone invested in your jobsite’s growth and eventual completion. 
  • Streamline the building process
  • Expedite planning, permitting, and data collection. 
  • Integrate seamlessly with construction management software like ProCore and Bluebeam.
  • Better manages your project’s development so it can remain on schedule. 

Never before has it been easier to manage your project than with Dallas construction photo documentation captured by our state-of-the-art drone technology.

CR Edge: Quality You Can Count On

When you need Dallas construction management tools like Dallas construction photo documentation or Dallas virtual walkthroughs, count on our cutting edge technology. I you want to see why so many choose our black-owned photo documentation company to provide high-quality Dallas construction photo documentation services, call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you and giving you a chance to see our edge. 

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