See Our Edge: CR Edge's Brand New Website

We have officially launched our brand-new website! We’ve been getting ready to invest in marketing so that CR Edge can continue to grow and bring its top-notch quality to more construction sites. With our photo documentation services, communication between project stakeholders is made much more seamless and accessible. We can’t wait to make a positive impact on more construction projects throughout Houston and Dallas. Here’s what we’ve done with our site:

New Branding

We sought Houston-based marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, to help us take CR Edge to the next level. Together, we were able to bring out the identity of CR Edge and make it the new focus of our digital marketing strategy. Their team understood our vision and why we are so proud to be the next generation of innovative leaders providing the technology that makes communication and deliverability more efficient. 

Fresh Website Design

INFINI’s team took our new branding strategy and designed a fresh and unique website that showcases what we stand for and where we are headed. It also educates visitors on our up-and-coming technology services for construction sites, which include:

  • Virtual tours
  • Drone footage
  • Timelapse recording
  • BIM Coordination and 4D Rendering

Our new website is also conversion optimized and scalable, which means we can generate leads more effectively. The best part is that, as our company grows even more, our website can grow right along with us.

We’re Excited For Everyone to See Our Edge!

We are really looking forward to this new chapter at CR Edge and continuing to work with INFINI Marketing along the way. We exist to bring quality to others, and we love that INFINI did the same with us when they took on our website and branding project. 

Ready to work with us?

CR Edge is a construction photo documentation company that serves clients in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. We are eager to impact your jobsite and those who work on the project with innovation, dedicated service, and a 24-hour turnaround time.


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