Virtual tours used for construction project management

Virtual Tours Can Help with Construction Project Management

Advancements in technology have redefined the practice of photography and video capture. The newest cameras and other image and video capture equipment can now take pictures and videos with resolutions high enough that they can be used in other industries such as Dallas construction photo documentation. Dallas virtual tours is a new tool that construction project stakeholders can look into to stay on top of their projects. This is a service offered by CR Edge, a black-owned Dallas construction photo documentation company that takes pride in positively impacting construction jobsites, as well as the lives of those on the job. In this article, our experts from CR Edge will discuss how Dallas Virtual tours can help with construction project management.

What is a Dallas Virtual Tour?

A Dallas Fort Worth virtual tour also known as 3D Tours is a sequence of high-resolution images of a specific place or location that are pieced together to allow viewers to experience it. The pictures are taken and stitched together in such a way that it allows the viewers to visually experience the space, i.e. communicate depth and enough details. A virtual tour differs from a video walkthrough because it allows the user to control the vantage point and move about the virtual place.

What is a Dallas Construction Photo Documentation?

Dallas construction photo documentation is a collective term for virtual tours, and other related photography-assisted tools such as virtual walkthrough, construction video walkthrough, construction drone, and time lapse recording that are utilized for use in construction.

How can Dallas Virtual Tours Help in Construction Management?

Dallas construction photo documentation affords owners and construction contractors multiple benefits. Virtual tours and 3D tours can help project stakeholders see how their visions are being implemented by their construction contractors without having to physically visit the construction site. It provides a good view of the construction conveniently. CR Edge provides its clients with a link that they can access 24/7 from anywhere in the globe. For larger projects, a virtual tour can be used as a reference for other locations looking to implement the same specifications.

Virtual tours are a great tool for keeping track of and monitoring construction progress. With CR Edge’s guarantee of a 24-hour turnaround time, you can ensure that the latest construction progress is easily accessible to decision makers. And since the virtual tour is based on pictures, there is room for miscommunication. The owners can easily see for themselves that the construction is being done properly and up to spec.

Access the Leading Edge in Technology By Utilizing Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Harness the power of technology and its benefits by utilizing Dallas virtual tours in your construction projects. CR EDGE is a black-owned construction photo documentation company with more than 21 years of experience and over 500 projects completed. Call us now and avail of our 600-dollar sample promo where we will scan your construction site and present the right solution to meet your needs.

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