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Significant leaps in technology paved the way for breakthrough methodologies to emerge in the practice of image capture and video recording. Top of the line cameras and other video capture equipment can now take images with very high detail that lend themselves well to applications in other fields such as Dallas construction photo documentation. If you are in construction and looking to streamline your project management by utilizing the cutting edge of photo technology then look no further than CR Edge, a black-owned Fort Worth construction photo documentation company. In this article, our 3D Tours expert shall discuss the benefits of BIM Coordination & 4D Rendering to construction projects.

What is BIM Coordination and How Is It Used in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation ?

There are multiple moving smaller aspects that compose a construction project whole such as structural, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and telecommunication. These parts must move together in sync to ensure that the construction is realized and that all project timelines are met.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordination is a construction project management methodology facilitated by Dallas Fort Worth construction photo documentation and other relevant imaging technology. In this process, a digital representation of the proposed physical buildout is produced with details that are relevant to the project branches mentioned above.

Each project branch can then scrutinize the digital representation and provide inputs to ensure that it follows the plans and is up to industry standards and regulations. This way, potential issues such as clash detection can be addressed even before construction has started. With input from the different project branches, the overall project manager can also efficiently plan out the logistics requirements of the buildout and set a realistic timeline.

4D Rendering and Its Application in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

In some cases, a project has already started constructing before its managers decided to employ Building Information Modeling. In these cases, 4D rendering or scan-to-BIM can be used to digitally capture an existing physical building using Digital construction photo documentation to produce a digital model for BIM Coordination.

Because 4D rendering produces an accurate “as-is” condition of the current building—aside from BIM coordination—4D rendering also has significant applications for as-built documentation requirements, project renovations, and even facility management. It can also be used to generate Houston Virtual Tours and Virtual Walkthroughs.

Manage Construction Projects Better with Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Wield the cutting edge of Dallas Fort Worth photo documentation technology for your projects through CR Edge. As a black-owned construction photo documentation company, we recognize that technology is the great equalizer and that it can be utilized by everyone to positively impact construction jobsites as well as the lives of those on the job. A properly-managed construction project benefits all stakeholders, it saves the project owners on construction costs and ensures that workers are well-rested and performing optimally. Avail our services and experience our speed edge where we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

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