Houston BIM Coordination & 4D Rendering

Houston BIM Coordination & 4D Rendering

Significant leaps in technology paved the way for breakthrough methodologies to emerge in the practice of image capture and video recording. Top of the line cameras and other video capture equipment can now take images with very high detail that lend themselves well to applications in other fields such as Dallas construction photo documentation. If you are in construction and looking to streamline your project management by utilizing the cutting edge of photo technology then look no further than CR Edge, a black-owned Fort Worth construction photo documentation company. In this article, our 3D Tours expert shall discuss the benefits of BIM Coordination & 4D Rendering to construction projects.

What is BIM Coordination and How Is It Used in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation ?

There are multiple moving smaller aspects that compose a construction project whole such as structural, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, and telecommunication. These parts must move together in sync to ensure that the construction is realized and that all project timelines are met.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Coordination is a construction project management methodology facilitated by Dallas Fort Worth construction photo documentation and other relevant imaging technology. In this process, a digital representation of the proposed physical buildout is produced with details that are relevant to the project branches mentioned above.

Each project branch can then scrutinize the digital representation and provide inputs to ensure that it follows the plans and is up to industry standards and regulations. This way, potential issues such as clash detection can be addressed even before construction has started. With input from the different project branches, the overall project manager can also efficiently plan out the logistics requirements of the buildout and set a realistic timeline.

4D Rendering and Its Application in Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

In some cases, a project has already started constructing before its managers decided to employ Building Information Modeling. In these cases, 4D rendering or scan-to-BIM can be used to digitally capture an existing physical building using Digital construction photo documentation to produce a digital model for BIM Coordination.

Because 4D rendering produces an accurate “as-is” condition of the current building—aside from BIM coordination—4D rendering also has significant applications for as-built documentation requirements, project renovations, and even facility management. It can also be used to generate Houston Virtual Tours and Virtual Walkthroughs.

Manage Construction Projects Better with Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Wield the cutting edge of Dallas Fort Worth photo documentation technology for your projects through CR Edge. As a black-owned construction photo documentation company, we recognize that technology is the great equalizer and that it can be utilized by everyone to positively impact construction jobsites as well as the lives of those on the job. A properly-managed construction project benefits all stakeholders, it saves the project owners on construction costs and ensures that workers are well-rested and performing optimally. Avail our services and experience our speed edge where we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

Virtual Tours Can Help with Construction Project Management

Virtual Tours Can Help with Construction Project Management

Advancements in technology have redefined the practice of photography and video capture. The newest cameras and other image and video capture equipment can now take pictures and videos with resolutions high enough that they can be used in other industries such as Dallas construction photo documentation. Dallas virtual tours is a new tool that construction project stakeholders can look into to stay on top of their projects. This is a service offered by CR Edge, a black-owned Dallas construction photo documentation company that takes pride in positively impacting construction jobsites, as well as the lives of those on the job. In this article, our experts from CR Edge will discuss how Dallas Virtual tours can help with construction project management.

What is a Dallas Virtual Tour?

A Dallas Fort Worth virtual tour also known as 3D Tours is a sequence of high-resolution images of a specific place or location that are pieced together to allow viewers to experience it. The pictures are taken and stitched together in such a way that it allows the viewers to visually experience the space, i.e. communicate depth and enough details. A virtual tour differs from a video walkthrough because it allows the user to control the vantage point and move about the virtual place.

What is a Dallas Construction Photo Documentation?

Dallas construction photo documentation is a collective term for virtual tours, and other related photography-assisted tools such as virtual walkthrough, construction video walkthrough, construction drone, and time lapse recording that are utilized for use in construction.

How can Dallas Virtual Tours Help in Construction Management?

Dallas construction photo documentation affords owners and construction contractors multiple benefits. Virtual tours and 3D tours can help project stakeholders see how their visions are being implemented by their construction contractors without having to physically visit the construction site. It provides a good view of the construction conveniently. CR Edge provides its clients with a link that they can access 24/7 from anywhere in the globe. For larger projects, a virtual tour can be used as a reference for other locations looking to implement the same specifications.

Virtual tours are a great tool for keeping track of and monitoring construction progress. With CR Edge’s guarantee of a 24-hour turnaround time, you can ensure that the latest construction progress is easily accessible to decision makers. And since the virtual tour is based on pictures, there is room for miscommunication. The owners can easily see for themselves that the construction is being done properly and up to spec.

Access the Leading Edge in Technology By Utilizing Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Harness the power of technology and its benefits by utilizing Dallas virtual tours in your construction projects. CR EDGE is a black-owned construction photo documentation company with more than 21 years of experience and over 500 projects completed. Call us now and avail of our 600-dollar sample promo where we will scan your construction site and present the right solution to meet your needs.

How to Use Virtual Tours for Construction Sites

How to Use Virtual Tours for Construction Sites

Construction projects are complex undertakings even under the best of circumstances. Each one involves countless factors that need to be taken into account and monitored throughout the entire process. On top of that, any issues that arise and need decisions to be made can require the input and consideration of multiple parties. These challenges with communication and timeliness on construction sites can create delays, compromise safety, and cost you money. This is where CR Edge comes in with our cutting-edge Dallas construction photo documentation technology. Our Dallas Fort Worth virtual tours are put together through a blend of still photography, drone footage, and video taken of your construction site to give you the accurate, detailed, and timely information you need wherever you are, whenever you need it.

How Do CR Edge’s Dallas Virtual Tours Work for Construction Sites?

CR Edge provides cutting-edge technology and the expertise to take top-quality footage. The combination of footage and photographs we collect is stitched together through our proprietary process into a virtual walkthrough that will provide you with a good feel and view of the status of your construction project. Within 24 hours of our arrival at your construction site, we can provide you with a link to the finished Dallas/Fort Worth virtual tours that you can access 24/7 and integrate with your current management software. These 3D tours will let you go through every inch of your construction site anytime no matter where you are. Thanks to the nature of our construction video walkthrough, you can go backwards and forwards over certain areas of the project as many times as you need and linger on certain places and details for as long as you like.

Plan and Coordinate Better With Dallas Construction Photo Documentation

Construction jobs rarely go as planned, but CR Edge's adaptability ensures a 24-hour turnaround when you need virtual tours and drone footage. You can then share the construction virtual walkthrough we put together with other parties involved with the project. Through the 3D tours, you, your site managers, contractors, workforce, and any other stakeholders can be kept up to speed on the status of the project, and stay on the same page without requiring everyone to be physically present for meetings or conferences. This gives everyone the knowledge and flexibility they need to make decisions, set timetables, and formulate future plans.

Quality DFW Construction Photo Documentation From CR Edge

CR Edge deploys the latest technology to create our Houston and Dallas virtual tours. Aside from that, we put great care into developing solid relationships with our local clients. We look forward to positively impacting your team, your jobsite, and the lives of those on the job. Discover our edge in innovation, above and beyond customer service, and turnaround time. Call us today and give your project the CR Edge!

See Our Edge: CR Edge's Brand New Website

See Our Edge: CR Edge's Brand New Website

We have officially launched our brand-new website! We’ve been getting ready to invest in marketing so that CR Edge can continue to grow and bring its top-notch quality to more construction sites. With our photo documentation services, communication between project stakeholders is made much more seamless and accessible. We can’t wait to make a positive impact on more construction projects throughout Houston and Dallas. Here’s what we’ve done with our site:

New Branding

We sought Houston-based marketing agency, INFINI Marketing, to help us take CR Edge to the next level. Together, we were able to bring out the identity of CR Edge and make it the new focus of our digital marketing strategy. Their team understood our vision and why we are so proud to be the next generation of innovative leaders providing the technology that makes communication and deliverability more efficient. 

Fresh Website Design

INFINI’s team took our new branding strategy and designed a fresh and unique website that showcases what we stand for and where we are headed. It also educates visitors on our up-and-coming technology services for construction sites, which include:

  • Virtual tours
  • Drone footage
  • Timelapse recording
  • BIM Coordination and 4D Rendering

Our new website is also conversion optimized and scalable, which means we can generate leads more effectively. The best part is that, as our company grows even more, our website can grow right along with us.

We’re Excited For Everyone to See Our Edge!

We are really looking forward to this new chapter at CR Edge and continuing to work with INFINI Marketing along the way. We exist to bring quality to others, and we love that INFINI did the same with us when they took on our website and branding project. 

Ready to work with us?

CR Edge is a construction photo documentation company that serves clients in Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth. We are eager to impact your jobsite and those who work on the project with innovation, dedicated service, and a 24-hour turnaround time.


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